Our SPAYCE product lines

Welcome to the SPAYCE age, where we exchange our ideas to find new automated solutions and constantly interact with our clients in the residential and commercial industry in order to understand all their fabrication needs.

Our Work

We have done Cool Stuff

At Spayce, we understand how important your commercial, retail, event, and local business space is to you. We started with a unique vision to combine skilled craftsmanship with real individualized customer attention. We have a long tradition of providing high-quality cutting services on our CNC machines. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce custom and semi-custom finished goods, components, and cut-to-size panels with fast turnaround times. From high-volume parts to one-off production, we can handle it all.

The CNC Shop employs three computers numeric controlled (CNC) machines and other production equipment to accommodate your wood machining needs. We can custom cut, shape, drill, and form almost any material within a 5′ x 12′ dimension and up to 6″ thick, and thanks to our on-site programming, we meet your custom needs quickly. Contact us and we’ll have one of our design engineers work with you to provide a solution for your next project.

Business Office

We work with business owners to design and fabricate wood furniture and fixtures that sets the perfect tone in a restaurant, agency, office, or any other professional setting. We bring to life your custom table, bar, desk, storage piece, or merchandise display.

Retail & Local

Have a small retail shop that needs custom fabrication? Spayce custom automation will match your colors, logos and “feel”. We can custom craft your furniture for your next project, from any size retail shop, craft brewery, or even a large commercial project.

Commercial Services

Spayce provides custom cut to size and fabrication millwork services to meet a wide variety of your business needs. Our Commercial Services include fabrication, painting, handyman service, paint, installation and so more.

Events & Pop Up’s

Spayce events & Pop-Ups has never been more popular than now. We offer a custom event venue built in your space. Custom sizing designs and fabricated to suit your event needs. From conception to completion we got it covered.

CNC Routing

We offer a broad range of CNC router services for many different applications. When you need to make several of the same items, curved parts, 3D carving, or difficult templates, SPAYCE CNC automation offers significant advantages.

Production Sets

We love a challenge. We thrive on the opportunity to do what’s never been done before and always think big. If you have a hard-to-solve problem, we have a custom solution. We are a full service working in the film industry.

Trade Show Booths

Spayce specializes in manufacturing custom displays and custom exhibits and structures. These custom displays give exhibitors the freedom  to create a true representation of their brand.

COVID Partitions

The need for partitions has increased. Our team will work with you on all of your needs, from partitions and barriers to online meeting backdrops, curbside shopping structures, sanitation stations, and more for all millwork, CNC Fabrication.