Automated Edge Banding Service with a Professional Finish

Our industry-leading hot-air-edge banding machine with zero glue lines or EV Glue (Natural color glue) applies edging tapes with perfect results. We have access to thousands of edge tapes from leading manufacturers, so we are sure to find the perfect match. We can edge boards from 10mm to 60mm thick, including plywood, chipboard, MDF, and more.

SPAYCE is dedicated to exceeding expectations

Our focus is on making it easy for you to finish your projects on time, with exceptional quality, and notably with minimal wastage for maximum profit margin. We will take care of finishing your projects so you can focus on what you do best. That is, being client-facing, running your business more effectively, and winning more lucrative projects.


Board Matching ABS
Edge banding

Colors and wood grains are matched with either 1mm or 2mm thick edge banding. You can have the option of a square edge or radius on the board. The industrial application of the edge banding ensures an incredibly strong bond to the board, which will last for years to come.

Solid Wood Veneer
Edge banding

Our solid wood edging is perfect for our veneer boards and offers a very easy and cost-effective option for lipping the board, which would traditionally be a labor-intensive job. Square edge or radius is available on solid wood edges in 1mm and 2mm

Custom Fabrication

Along with the colors and solid wood tapes we also offer a few ways of preparing HDF end grain for paint. Many of our customers like to select solid wood Maple edging, in a 1mm tape but 2mm thick with a radius is also available. 

Spayce CNC Fabrication

Edge Band Details
Make The Project

We got your edges covered!

At Spayce, we understand how important your commercial, retail, event, and the local business project is to you. You can recognize quality in the detail. It shows if the design and development were thought through. Edges are an important detail in any design project; they create the perfect transition to allow an impact without distraction. We have a wide and diverse range of melamine and plastic edges which are always the right fit for your material and your design. We currently stock black and white tape in both 1mm and 2mm. All other can be ordered for quick turnaround.

Spayce CNC Fabrication
Spayce CNC Fabrication
Spayce CNC Fabrication

Our SPAYCE product lines

Welcome to the SPAYCE  age, where we exchange our ideas to find new automated solutions and constantly interact with our clients in the residential and commercial industry in order to understand all their fabrication needs.

High Quality Professional Edging Service

We offer a genuine. “no job is too big or too small”, High-Quality Panel Edging service to low and high-volume consumers of Melamine faced MFC, Melamine faced MDF and Veneer faced boards, HDF and more. Our clients range from small, independent, and Bedroom companies to large, multi-national building contractors and architects. Quick turnaround times, attention to detail, and high level of customer service.

  • If an edge banding match exists, we can find it!

  • You can have production orders produced in as little as 2-3 days when needed from Spayce, which no other edgebanding vendor can offer to you.
  • If you need material produced, we ”Value Source” every order and pick the best extruder for your production needs.
  • Besides PVC, Spayce provides the most significant volume of edgebanding in the tri-state area, which is increasingly specified by architects, contractors, and the design community.

  • You will receive unmatched customer service from our team at Spayce! With our unique vendor relationships, we offer solutions that are needed for the industry’s current climate.