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We Do Production Set Fabrication

What Are Things To Know About Production Set Fabrication

If you’re hosting an event or you need to market your brand, set fabrication is a very crucial step in it. It gives your event a more natural and pleasant look. Plus, it creates an emotional connection with the audience by connecting characters and surroundings so well. Production set fabrication finds its application in the following fields:

  • News broadcast
  • Brand promotions
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate broadcasters
  • Sports network
  • Conventions, and many more

Set fabrication is a meticulous and creative process. And here a few things you need to know about production set fabrication.

Build A Clear Vision

If you want to build a substantial impact on your audience, create a strong vision first. So before starting working on your project, clear your concepts, and discuss it with the manufacturers as well.

Set Up A Schedule

Set a proper schedule first before starting the set fabrication. It will help you in negotiation and planning the whole production process. Include the time for error omission as well. In short, there must be enough time before and after production, so that you can take a look at all the important aspects.


Planning and creative consultation are very important. Before you start a project, consult with the manufacturers, and know what you need. Do your proper research and know what services you need. Then, research what production set will best fit for you, and consult the experts to help you in it.

The Layout Of The Construction Plan

Before starting the whole production set project, layout the entire plan. You should be very clear about what components you want in your project. Observe if there are some doubts or unclear things left. After then, further, discuss it with the designer for more professional advice.

Even if you’re planning an event for the first time and don’t know very much about it, research about it. Look for similar projects, and you’ll find what you want. This will help the manufacturer to guide you and work on your project smoothly. As a result, the overall outcomes will be marvelous.

Set A Budget

The cost of your project depends a lot on the décor and tech components of the production set. Plus, it depends on the manufacturers as well. So, do your research to check what manufacturers you best fit in with. Create your budget by keeping a check on the tech pack and décor etc.

Sample Review

The designers present a 3D sample model in front of you so that you can take a comprehensive look at the final sample. This will help you see what you’re going to get at the end, and also you can ask for changes.  After that, a color rendering model is presented to you as well.


After the consultation, planning, and approval, the actual construction begins. The manufacturers set the whole production set accordingly. And after that, the event process begins. All of these steps help you to get the most appealing, cost-effective, and successful product at the end.

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